“I, Queen Afua, … am reaching back into the beginning of time and drawing the strength, power and dignity of those ancient times and ancient folks. I affirm for my people and all people—right here and now—that our personal, spiritual and physical liberation is through purification. To all I am able to reach, I will share this Freedom call – “Liberation through purification.”
Queen Afua, Heal Thyself
Without our health, we can’t enjoy any success. Queen Afua advocates fasting as a way of purification. Fasting tends to heal your body because it gives it a rest from digestion.
However, as I was wrapping up a book on affirmations in January 2008, this affirmation took on a deeper meaning when my older sister, Nancy Vann, took on several life-threatening health challenges, all related to lung cancer. She was only sixty-three, and almost two years earlier, she’d lost her best friend to lung cancer at the same age of 63. Suddenly, all my energies went to trying to help heal her, which included calling family to come fly in from different states and create the “Circle of Love,” the name I’ve given part of our healing ritual, which we instituted for my last 3 grandbabies.
To give you an example of “The Circle of Love,” it pulled my oldest brother, Mervin Vann, out of a month-long coma where he had been pronounced dead two times in 2004. In 2002, the circle of my sister’s love for her daughter, Denise Michelle, pulled her out of a coma when she was dying from a mysterious infection obtained after a dental appointment. Now, I needed it for Nancy, who was as much tied to my childhood memories as my late mother.
As the oldest girl in a large family back in the 1940s and 50s, she was like the second-general in command. Now she served as the family matriarch, the emotional component, the one my four brothers go to when they want a piece of my deceased mother.
This health challenge made me see how Nancy’s life completely stopped from that of being a vibrant woman who, two years earlier, at sixty-one, walked the Great Wall of China when we flew there with the LA Minority Business group, to someone whose world was now centered around doctors, needles, and pain. Without a doubt, she was courageous in her fight to regain her health, but, in the end she succumbed within two wees of her diagnosis. In view of the inequities in health care for African American people, preventative health care is definitely needed.
What can we do?
How about if we take our health in our own hands, as much as possible. Make a vow to yourself to cleanse at least once a quarter and to fast as often as you can. Remember Grandma’s old Cod Liver Oil and castor oil? It would be wise to take a table spoon at least every month, if not every day. The Delaney sisters who lived to be 100 plus, swore by taking a clove of garlic a day as well. Why not try the garlic pills?
Make a vow to reclaim your health this year.
On a daily basis, make sure you rest, eat, take vitamins, and exercise as a part of your daily regime. If you smoke, quit. If you drink, do not over drink.
If you can’t become a vegetarian, try to eat more vegetables, fruit, grain, fiber. and less meat.
In the book, Stop Eating to Die, author Lottie Perkins, R.N., Certified Health Consultant, says, “We may not have control over our quantity of life, but we do have control over our quality of life.” She also goes on to say, “My body is my shelter and every aspect of it needs to be healthy in order for me to have a safe place to live.”
Perkins has shown us how to be proactive as to our health. She points out how too many of us are dying from preventable diseases, such as heart disease, diabetes, obesity, lung cancer. She gives us internal power and insight on how improper food choices, social habits, internal conflicts, lack of self-control, preconditioned social behavior and racial disparity, inadequate quality healthcare are killing the African American community at an alarming rate.
Learn to make healthier decisions. You can receive support at http://www.50millionpounds.com/ and other websites.
I am what I eat.

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