What others are saying about Sade’s Secret:
“Sparkle’s an excellent voice for urban youth! It’s good to see that someone is writing actual stories that our youth can relate to.”

~ The Reading Circle with Kiesha (http://www.kieshasreadingcircle.com) “Sade’s Secret is a very timely story that should be read, by mothers and daughters, men and educators and discussed widely. Kudos to Sparkle for a story that could have been dark and heavy but was relatable and interesting at the same time.”
~ Author & Youth mentor Angelia Vernon Menchan

5 Questions with Sparkle, the author of the new family drama, SADE’S SECRET

What is Sade’s Secret about?
Fifteen-year-old Sade Washington has been harboring a secret from her two best friends, Crystal and Dena. Her secret is threatened to be revealed when she discovers she’s pregnant. Once Sade’s secret is out, it causes a wedge between her and her mother Joyce. Distraught at her mother’s reactions, Sade toils with a love/hate relationship with her.
Joyce struggles with keeping peace in her household. The relationship between her daughter and live-in boyfriend, Calvin has her in an emotional turmoil. Joyce is determined to make their home a happy one by any means necessary.
Sade attempts to have a normal teen life, but as she turns sixteen, reality hits her head on. She must make choices that will not only affect her future, but that of her unborn child. Sade’s Secret takes the reader on an emotional ride as it deals with a strong subject matter and the dynamics of mother-daughter relationships.

What motivated you to write Sade’s Secret?

It saddened me to hear of so many stories of women (young and old) who experienced sexual abuse in their earlier years. One of the things that was common in the stories I heard was that when it was going on, they were either afraid to tell or if they did tell, they weren’t believed. I don’t want any young woman to feel like she has no voice.

What issues do you discuss in Sade’s Secret?

In the first chapter, readers get a chance to see how the abuse started with Sade at the hands of her mother’s boyfriend. Besides dealing with the abuse, Sade’s a teenager dealing with every day issues teenagers deal with. Readers get an inside view into the head of Joyce, Sade’s mother, who seems to care more about a relationship with her man than she does her own daughter. Sadly, some women put men before caring for their children, which stems from low self-esteem.

Who is Sparkle?
Sparkle is a pen name. My real name is Shelia Goss. The majority of my other books are written under Shelia Goss. I’m quiet and laid back. Although somewhat shy, I’m a people person and enjoy helping people in any way I can. I’m a devoted daughter, sister, aunt, and friend. I’m a Louisiana native – home of good food and good people (smile). I’m also an alumni of Southern University and last but not least, I love stylish purses (smile). Some of my guilty pleasures are watching reality television and staying up on celebrity news on sites such as Hello Beautiful and Rolling Out.

How can readers reach you?
Sparkle is my pen name so readers can reach me by email sheliagoss@aol.com or via my website: www.sheliagoss.com and I’m also on Facebook: www.facebook.com/shelia.goss and twitter: www.twitter.com/sheliamgoss.

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