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LA Blues

By: Maxine Thompson

Meet Zipporah, “Z” Saldano a 21st Century Pam Grier. If you grew up in the 70’s and watched actress Pam Grier play the role of Foxy Brown a strong, sexy, African-American crime detective, then you will love this crime novel LA Blues written by Maxine Thompson. If you didn’t grow up in the seventies and never watched the crime drama, you will fall in love with Zipporah Saldano in LA Blues.

Zipporah an uncommon and unlikely LAPD officer grew up as a foster-care child in the impoverished, and violent neighbors in one of the richest cities in America – Los Angeles, California. After years on the force Z has seen so much gang related violence, police corruption, and domestic violence that she succumbs to the vice of alcoholism as a means of coping with the duties of her job.

However, her addiction catches up with her when she and her partner are ambushed in a shoot out on the streets of LA. Forced to resign or be fired, Z is left broken, beaten and battered by her own demons until her teenage nephew Trayvon is shot and killed on his way to school. Angered by the senseless shooting, Z decides to start her own P.I. Firm and use her skills and training as a police officer to find out who shot and killed her nephew.

With all of the controversy over the real life shooting of Trayvon Martin in Florida by George Zimmerman, LA Blues (which was written and published before Trayvon Martin was killed), seems prophetic and a little eerie at times because of the similarities of the events.

However, author Maxine Thompson weaves a story with genuine street credibility, gang violence, and drug addiction that touches the soul of every character in the story. The old cliche that “art imitates life” applies to this well written and crafted crime novel. BRAVO!!!!!!

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Anfra Boyd


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