LA BLUES II by Maxine Thompson

Life hasn’t always been easy for Zipporah “Z” Saldano, but at 35, she’s finally come to grips with some of her demons, and things are looking up. She’s moved beyond mourning the loss of her LAPD job, her partner, and her murdered nephew. She has a new love, Detective Romero Hernandez, and she’s dedicated to remaining sober. Her new business, Saldano’s Private Investigation, is thriving.

Just when she thinks she has a handle on life, though, her oldest brother, Mayhem, is kidnapped. His involvement with the Crips leads Z to believe that a Mexican gang has something to do with his disappearance. Chaos returns to Z’s life when she discovers that the gang has ties to her boyfriend’s family.

Will Z be able to get her brother back? Will her relationship with Romero survive? Things are going on that are not right. Nothing is as it seems, and once again Zipporah Saldano will have to contend with mystery and mayhem in the City of Angels.

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LA BLUES by Maxine Thompson

Growing up in foster care, Zipporah “Z” Saldano never dreamed of becoming a police officer, but after she’s rescued from a hostage situation during the LA Riots, she chooses a career in law enforcement. After ten good years on the force, Z is involved in a domestic homicide case gone awry. Her partner is killed, and Z is fired when alcohol is detected in her system. It’s two long years before she gets sober and opens her own private investigation firm. Now Shirley, her former foster mother, is in need of Z’s help. Someone has murdered her grandson, a high school basketball star, and she wants Z to find out who did it. Z soon finds herself in deeper trouble than when she was kicked out of the LAPD. What she discovers is a conspiracy much deeper than anyone would believe, and she finds her own life is in danger.

LA BLUES is in stores now. It can also be purchased from any of the online retailers.

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Hostage of Lies

Nefertiti “Titi” Godbolt’s been a captive of her family’s secrets her whole life. Now, as she returns home after fifteen years, she’s ready to confront her family and finally get some answers. It’s her father’s seventy-fifth birthday celebration, but she’s not there to celebrate a man who always seemed to favor her siblings Josh and Cleo, while he, along with Titi’s mother, treated Titi as the black sheep in the family—even before she got pregnant and they forced her to give up her daughter. But when Titi’s father and his brother have it out during the party, some long-buried family secrets pop to the surface, and Titi realizes there may be some truth to the stories her great-grandmother told her when she was a child after all.

Hostage of Lies is in stores now. It can also be purchased from Kensington Books or any of the online retailers.

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Never Knew Love Like This Before

This powerfully sexy short-story collection features three strong, grounded women and explores the unpredictability of love.


All in the Family

In this anthology featuring works by Sims, Maxine Thompson, and Melanie Schuster, women learn who they are and what they’re made of as they try to live with the past, look to the future, and find the love they long for. In Maxine Thompson’s SUMMER OF SALVATION Debra, 35, a casting director in Hollywood brings her Mexican-American husband home for the first time. They eloped. Will Debra and her mother have a showdown during the festivities? Whatever happens at the Johnson Family Reunion, you know that it will be kept… “All In The Family.”


Secret Lovers

This sizzling collection of stories from Patricia A. Phillips, Maxine Thompson, and Michelle McGriff delves into the secrets that lovers keep from each other and the remarkable healing power of love.

“Irresistible Flames” is the tale of two workmen compensation attorneys, Kelly and Byron, who are engaged and, who appear to be the perfect couple. But after an unexpected accident, Kelly questions herself: Are they right for each other? And at the same time, she discovers that Byron is leading a secret life. “Second Chances” tells of business owner, Caprianna, and her police officer husband, Marquise. To the outside world, they appear to have everything going for them. However, when tragedy strikes, not only is Caprianna’s tenuous world shattered, she finds out her husband is harboring secrets of his own. But just when she thought she was at her lowest ebb, fate steps in. Can love rise out of the ashes? “Detoured” is a tale of family secrets, which span two generations. What happens when a secret love does not die, but just detours? Both Sonnet and her mother Yolanda have more in common than they think. Is it ever too late for love? This is a story of the power and strength of love.


A Place Called Home

The search is universal and ageless. Readers from all walks of life will be able to identify with A PLACE CALLED HOME. This collection of short stories explores what it means to be part of the African Diaspora in America. Each character, despite different life experiences, suffers from a profound sense of alienation. Each is searching for that elusive place called “home.”

While the stories are different from one another, they have the common thread of each person’s search for his identiy — his place in this world.


The Ebony Tree

An African American novel about four generations of women in one family. It follows the mother-daughter relationship and how it was impaceted by slavery. It deals with family secrets, alcoholism, depression, poverty and finally, triumph.

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