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This Week’s Guest – Monday, July 10, 2017

Maxine Thompson

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July 10, 2017

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This Week’s Dr. Maxine Thompson will be the Guest – Monday, July 10, 2017

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July 10, 2017

July 10, 2017

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Ten year old article. 911- A Call for Poets and Writers to Speak up. Originally Published on

With each breath we take, our life changes. September 11, 2001 was a testament to this fact. As poets and writers, so many of us are trying to find the words to give shape to what we felt last week as a nation, and what we feel now. Whenever we’ve called 911, it is usually a critical life or death emergency situation. Since 9-11-2001, it is as though we, as Americans, have collectively sent up a 911 to God to help us in this time of peril.

Now I’m sending out a 911 call for writers to help us use language as a way of healing. We, as Americans, are caught up in an imbroglio-a confusing situation, which has us lashing out and doing hate crimes against other Americans, particularly Moslems. Why? Because we’re hurt. We’re afraid. We’re angry.

I was scheduled to do a conference on “Creating The life You love in Life part II” in San Diego. Motivational speakers such as Depak Chopra and Marianne Williamson were scheduled to be there as keynote speakers and guest. However, the conference was canceled. I was relieved. After all, planning to have a meaningful second career seems frivolous in light of all the lost lives of loved ones and the suffering so many families are going through.

Like many of the survivors, I’m feeling guilty, even paralyzed. I haven’t written a word in a week. How dare I have the audacity to sit around writing when people are suffering? That was my rationale. Besides, like the rest of the nation, I was speechless. This crime was as unspeakable as slavery.

So slowly, I’ve been trying to examine this space and give words to this “twilight zone” space we are now occupying. Over the past week, so many other writers have written me, between their tears, to say that they are feeling that their books are useless now. How dare they have the temerity to even write about their concerns, such as “keeping your virginity as teenagers,” “fighting AIDs and Herpes,” or writing their memoirs about how they beat the odds?

I felt the same way as I grapple with my recurrent theme of healing old family wounds. After all, we now have this great big gaping wound sitting at the heart of our nation–our government and our economy. I even questioned the value of my new novel, “The Hidden Sword,” dealing with the violence at the core of our most basic unit-the human family.

But the answer came to me. You must write it. The same rampages we’re seeing in the family-family members going on rages and killing up each other-are what we are now seeing on a global level.

Because you know what? As writers, we must write to help, and perhaps even save others. It was because of books, had the power and the ability to gather 6 million dollars in a week due to its relief fund.

Books and the words of poets/writers have the power to heal. As a counselor, I found that people often talk about their pains because they must. They must give words to what ails them in order to help heal themselves.

As writers, poets and publishers, we are still searching for the words to describe how our souls feel raped, violated and abused. We are moving through the same 5 stages of grief as any one who has suffered a death of a loved one.

Seeing our country devastated on our own soil is similar to what rape victims have disclosed to me in counseling. Being raped feels akin to being a stranger in one’s own skin. Right now, Americans feel violated. Boundary-less. Like there is no difference between you and the unsafe world out there.

Right now, school children are terrified. Adults are terrified. I am terrified. We are all feeling violated, raped, and afraid of another attack happening again. The false sense of security and the illusion of safety that we once harbored have been ripped from us with what happened to all the victims of September 11, 2001. Children orphaned, husbands and wives left as widowers/widows, and worse of all, parents facing the horror that doesn’t even have a word in our culture-that state of being–bereft of their own child/children.

What’s worse, we really can’t go through a stage of denial-the media and our nightmares about people trapped in twin towers won’t let us. So we’ve become paralyzed in anger.

We are now living in a world as fraught with peril and dangers as any other war torn country. Like many Americans my concerns are these. Are the cells still operative? Will this happen again when the airline standards relax? If the country goes to war, is this the start of the Final War-Armageddon as stated in Revelations 16:16? Now we are all understanding what it is to live in fear as many third world countries have done for years. Because we are afraid, we are angry. But in our anger, we could ignite World World III-the final war.

Therefore, as we move through the five stages of grief, shock, anger, denial, and finally acceptance, we must ask to be guided to find a spiritual solution to this crisis. As writers, it is our job to help others facilitate this process by finding the words to embrace what we are all feeling, in order for us to be move on and not annihilate the human race.

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