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This Week’s Guest – Monday, November 13, 2017

Maxine Thompson

Dr. Maxine Thompson,
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November 13, 2017

9:00 P.M. Eastern Standard Time

This Week’s Dr. Maxine Thompson will be the Guest – Monday, November 13, 2017

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November 13, 2017

November 13, 2017

Tracie Loveless Hill
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Unwise Decisions, et. al.

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Gearing up for 2017 by Dr. Maxine Thompson

Dr. Maxine Thompson,,

“Ask, and it shall be given you; Seek, and ye shall find; Knock, and it shall be opened unto you.”
Luke 11:9

Have you ever known someone who spent all her time talking about what she was going to do when she retired, then she dropped dead just before, or shortly after retirement?

How did you feel when that happened? Whenever this happens, I always feel that this person wasted her “today” time, living for “tomorrow”, which never came.

Now how about people who followed their dreams and stopped waiting for that elusive retirement brass ring?

I speak from experience because that’s exactly what I did. On October 31, 1997, due to health reasons, I walked off a high-stress job as a social worker (I had been in this field for twenty-three years at this point,) and have not looked back.

As I was facing these health challenges, life took on a new perspective that went something like this: “If I had one day to live, is this what I want to be doing?” In my heart, I would always get a resounding, “NO!”

I don’t know about you, but 9-11 was also a wake-up call for me. In the aftermath, I noticed in the media where family members reconciled who hadn’t spoken to each other in years. People changed careers and left intolerable situations that they had been tolerating. Across the board, everyone realized that life was short and that they needed to make the best of it.

Don’t get me wrong. It was not an easy path to follow, but it was the best one—when I look back. That first year I left behind my familiar pattern of getting up, fighting L.A. gridlock traffic, and going to work, I felt lost. I didn’t know how I was going to make it financially.

What I learned on the journey is there is never a perfect time to make your move to pursue your dreams. You should save up, plan, but eventually you have to take the leap.

Since that time, I have owned my own Internet radio show at the now defunct, (which I might start back up) and have hosted three other Internet radio shows on other networks, such as, (March 2002 to December 2005), (since March 2004) (where I still host) and

As the owner of Black Butterfly Press, Maxine Thompson’s Literary Services and Thompson Literary Agency found at, and, I also own a nonprofit, Maxine Thompson’s Literary and Educational Services, in order to give back to my community. I was even conferred an Honorary Doctorate of Humanities in April 2005.

I have also negotiated over 100 book deals for other writers as a literary agent and have edited or ghostwritten over 1,000 books. In addition, I am the author of 17 titles. This is the Act III, or my second career in my life. All of these endeavors grew out of my passion, not out of my bank account.

Do I have any regrets? No. I have challenges, but I don’t think I would have lived to this age had I stayed in the job I was on. I’ve heard of many of my former social work colleagues dying over the past 19 years. I’m sure stress had a lot to do with it.

Let’s face it. Too many women often are not living their lives to the full. Many report they feel they are living for everyone else in the family. Although we want to have a life of balance, we don’t know how to get it. As women, we’ve been trained to think struggle and sacrifice for others is what we should do.

Well, one way to bring our lives into more balance is through affirmations. What if we could reinvent our lives through thinking positive thoughts?

More than ever, we are in need of sayings to help give us control over the qualities of our days. Just as our ancestors used old sayings to help them survive—in spite of racism, sexism, ageism, and classism—we need to revisit the ‘old ways.’

Whether we are working as secretaries, working at McDonald’s, or running a company, we need peace.

In the creative arenas, for women filmmakers, writers, publishers, and those wanting to become artists of sorts, there is a need to decode and recode symbols for our culture. If we don’t do it ourselves, it won’t get done.

We need to reclaim our bodies, our souls and our lives. Affirmations can help us get closer to our goals.

In the main, why do we need affirmations? Because today, women are dying from stress. One woman told me, “I guess I have to die in order to get some rest.” And she died shortly after that. That’s exactly what’s happening. We are dying at younger ages and at an alarming rate.

However, the good news is this. We are living in an exciting time, filled with possibilities, so why not take advantage of these times?

One reason is that we now live in an age of spiritual enlightenment, interdependence, and access to information that only the rich enjoyed at one time. We have the Internet, which levels the playing field for everyone. With the Internet, you can start a business on a shoestring budget. You can meet friends on a global level because of the different communities on line. You can start podcasts and alternate medias on Youtube. In fact, you can start your own communities of interest.

Why not become the artist of your own life? Use affirmations to redesign your life and find your joy. Find ways to create multiple streams of income with technology. We now have money that can be made through twitter, facebook, linked in, Instagram, and other social media groups.

For in order to have fun and enjoy life, you have to throw out all the mental “what-I-should do’s” and “must-erbations” and follow your own heart. If you are doing work you love, it will feel like play. Learn to live authentically from your very soul.

Creating a life you love will help determine the quality of your health, your happiness, and sometimes, even your longevity. The benefits from doing what you love and living a passionate life are too many to enumerate. (By the way, my health problems have lessened.)

As an African American female baby boomer, I’d like to break ground for the younger generation behind me. I’d like to disrupt our conventional thinking. Each generation should progress beyond what the generation before them accomplished.

Why not make these the best years of your life, whatever age you are? Never forget that life is tenuous. It can be taken from you without a minute’s notice.

So use affirmations to help heal and to change your life. Start feeling like you’re a co-creator with God, instead of a victim of your circumstances.

Go into 2017 with a new attitude. Don’t put off what you can do today for that elusive tomorrow.

“I will connect with the world through technology for the betterment of humanity.”
Taken from Affirmations and Essays for Melanoid People

The Power of Setting Development Exercises In Your Writing

Dr. Maxine Thompson

In writing, setting is an element, which, if executed well, is invisible, but adds layers and depth to a story. Technically, the Bible begins with the setting of the world. (Genesis 1:1. “In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth.”)

Setting can include historical, social, political and economic context. Setting can also involve interior landscape, (a person in a mental hospital such as in Ken Kesey‘s One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, or a person in a coma) time, duration, or an exotic place.

Settings have inspired writers as diverse as Cormac McCarthy and Thomas Hardy. Settings are not only visual, they contain the spirit of a time and a place.

Historical novels may not be at their height of popularity right now, but reminiscing about past times and lives have been literary inspiration to authors from Tolstoy to Proust to James Baldwin to Toni Morrison.

In my series, LA Blues, the setting of Los Angeles with its multicultural world, acts as a character.
• Write five descriptions of settings that speak to your spirit.

Start with the town you grew up in.

Think of the evocative portrayals that the great L.A. mystery writers have created, from Raymond Chandler and John Fante to current writers like Walter Mosley. Remember how vividly Steinbeck captured the world of the Salinas Valley, and William Faulkner portrayed his
fictional east-of-the-Mississippi Delta Yoknaphatawpha County.

J.R.R. Tolkein created a fictional Middle Earth in the Lord of the Rings.

As you write, consider elements of time, place, what is important to people in your setting, and the things that they experience. Pick a specific point of view, place, and time within your setting. You can write either a narrated description (told by a storyteller) or use a viewpoint character to describe your three settings.

Things to consider and questions to answer as you create your settings and worlds:

How does setting inform your fiction? How will you use significant details?

Setting your novel in certain places, certain times, sets your stage. (For example, people during the Civil Rights Era had different concerns than the Hip Hop Generation.)

What is the cultural environment and how do you make that element parts of the story?

Is the story set in the 60‘s, 70’s, 80’s? How were people born in different decades shaped? For instance, the late African American playwright, August Wilson, wrote plays, which addressed different concerns Blacks faced in different decades during the twentieth century.

How can you use the setting to move and show the story?

How does the social and historical context shape your character’s world?

What are the values of the people who live in this world?

·Where does the story take place? When does it take place?

Who or what lives there?

How large is it—physically and population-wise? (It could be an outer space community.)

·What does it look like?

·What type of government are the people under?

·What type of economy are the people experiencing?

·How does this world treat its citizens? Are the experiences of some groups different from others? (For example: females vs. males, certain races vs. others, children vs. adults, aliens vs. humans, etc.)

Is this world similar to a real time and place in human history? (If it is, why? If it is science fiction, create your story world.)
Because I‘m interested in that period of history‖ is a fine answer)

Is it a happy place or despicable place?

Make your setting as alive as a character.

Using time travel methods, what would a resident of your world say if they visited our world today?

·What would you say if you got a chance to visit your imaginary world and report back?

In conclusion, setting in your writing can play a significant role in creating a great story, which endures the test of time.

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About the Blogger: Dr. Maxine Thompson is a novelist, poet, columnist, short story writer, book reviewer, blogger, an editor, ghostwriter, Internet Radio Show Host, and a Literary Agent. As an editor, she has edited/ghostwritten numerous best-selling books (Including New York Times Best Selling books), for African Americans, including many books for men and women who are incarcerated in the prison system. In a down economy, as a literary agent, she has negotiated over 100 book deals for African Americans. She is the author of Novels, The Ebony Tree, Hostage of Lies, LA Blues, LA Blues 2, and LA Blues 3, A Place Called Home (A Short Story Collection), a contributor to bestselling anthologies, Secret Lovers, (A Black Expression Bestseller) All in The Family, and Never Knew Love Like This Before, (Also a Black Expression Book Club best-seller, and Kindle Bestseller).

She is also an ebook author of The Hush Hush Secrets of Writing Fiction That Sell 1, 2, The Hush Hush Secrets of Making Money as a Writer, The Hush Hush Secrets of Creating a Life You Love, Novellas, The Katrina Blues, and Capri’s Second Chance, contributor to Proverbs for the People, and Editor/Contributor to anthology, Saturday Morning.

Her novels, The Ebony Tree, (Won a small Pen Award in 1997), Hostage of Lies, (Voted a Best Book of 2009), LA Blues, (2011), and LA Blues II, (2012), which were featured in Black Expressions’ Catalog in August 2012. LA Blues 3 was published in August 2013.

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