National best-selling author Dr. Maxine Thompson offers an array of services for writers.

  • Editorial services – Under Maxine Thompson’s Literary Services, she has personally story or copy edited, formatted, or ghostwritten numerous books in the past 18 years for other authors. She has edited books which have made the New York Times Bestseller’s list, as well as Essence Bestseller’s List.
  • Ghostwriter – She’s been a ghostwriter on books that have made the New York Times and other best sellers lists.
  • Internet Radio Show Host – Since March 5, 2002, Dr. Thompson has conducted over 1,000 hours of live Internet radio interviews. She has been a host with for over thirteen years (since March 2004). She launched her own Internet Radio network on March 1, 2005 at
  • Literary Agent – Maxine Thompson has sold numerous books to New York Publishers for both herself and other writers
  • 1. Help walk writers through the process of self-publishing your book and eBook.
    2. Teach writing classes
    3. Edit websites
    4. Help write or edit newsletters (business to business)
    5. Help write or edit blogs
    6. Write commercials
    7. Write press releases
    8. Write proposals
    9. Write back covers for books
    10. Help promote your business/book through my Internet radio show. (I’ve done this over 15 years.)
    11. Ghostwrite novels, memoirs, nonfiction books, and children’s book.
    12. Content edit books
    13. Copy edit shorter documents
    14. Promote events or books through my social media, which includes twitter, Facebook, and linked-in account.
    15. Show writers how to do interviews on an Internet radio show or podcast
    16. Do writing class podcast or webinars
    17. Coach writers
    18. Write book reviews, treatments, synopses for screenplays.
    19. Manage clients for Book Acquisitons as a literary agent.
    20. Manage clients for TV or film acquisition as a manager.

    Computer Related skills

    1. HTML for newsletters
    2. How to hash tag on Twitter.
    3. How to promote on Facebook
    4. How to promote on Linked-in.
    5. How to upload/download documents
    6. How to set-up Kindle e-books
    7. How to set up Ingram Sparks books both print and ebooks
    8. How to publish on Wordpress.
    9. How to publish on Frontpage for websites.
    10. Sharing Videos on Twitter and Facebook
    11. How to search for information and research on Google.
    12. How to set up ebooks on Apple and other sites.

    Remote/Outsource Services

    1. Graphic Designer for book cover
    2. Formatter of your book for ebook or print
    3. Use of services related to books such as social media campaigns, website creation
    4. Social Media Campaign
    5. Crowdfunding.
    6. Sponsorship
    7. Grant-writing services.
    8. Printing Services Quotes

If you are interested in any of the services Dr. Thompson offers, contact her directly at or or