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This Week’s Guest – Monday, March 26, 2018

Maxine Thompson

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March 26, 2018

9:00 P.M. Eastern Standard Time

This Week’s Guest Below- Monday, March 26, 2018

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March 26, 2018

March 26, 2018

Jalaja Bonheim, Ph.D.
Author of

The Magic of Circlework: The Practice Women Around the World Are using to Heal and Empower Themselves

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  • Blog–My Spiritual and Loc Journey Vis-à-Vis My Writing Journey by Dr. Maxine Thompson

I started my loc (natty dreads, which ever one you call them) hair journey in September 2013. Since then, my hair has grown and thickened. On a physical level, I’m loving that. I’m a senior, and I always thought I would wear a short haircut, but now I’m just going with the flow. I’m starting to semi-freeform now, with less twists, too.

But it’s the spiritual level I love the most. I feel a connection with my ancestors. I’m hearing insights and seeing connections in my writing in the middle of the night. I wrote a scene where I heard, “Here you are. The scene has been given to you. Just record what you’re hearing.”

It’s been a while since I felt this attuned to the universe. Before my older sister, Nancy, passed in 2008, she wore sister locks, when I still wore my hair hot combed. She said she felt each hair was like an antennae, which made her in touch with love, truth and calling. During her hospice, I watched her transition gracefully as though she was already on that new spiritual plateau.

Meantime, I am working on the Nanowrimo Writing Challenge. Already, due to emergencies and life, I have fallen behind on the word count, but I feel it’s all good. I am where I need to be at this time. This is a time of healing, growth, and insight. I will love to see where my journey takes me in my writing.

(Picture taken September 2016)


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